About Us


BWOSA is a Social Enterprise and Membership Organisation driven by Ubuntu spirit with a Vision to Empower, Position and Grow Black Women Organisations and Professionals. It has members from diverse categories mainly Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Youth and from all walks of life and geographical areas – urban, rural. The focus for BWOSA is on Enterprise Development, Professional development, Board talent development for Black Women.

BWOSA has membership national and regional offices / representation in other Provinces like Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, and Kwazulu Natal.


Through Empowerment Sessions that are held periodically and coaching and mentorship.


Link entrepreneurs with opportunities; create platforms to network with like-minded people; access opportunities and coach women for their next job opportunity.


We believe that an organisation cannot grow beyond the leader’s capacity. BWOSA’s approach is multi-faceted – increase the management and leadership capacity of Black Women, which will then translate into better leaders for their enterprises and organisations they work for.

what BWOSA offers?

for enterpreneurs

  • List you businesses on this site to be accessed by potential suppliers and big businesses that might need your services.
  • Easy Registration processes and log-in to access opportunities
  • Training for entrepreneurs through our partners
  • Opportunities to Trade Fairs through other Strategic Partners like Business Unity South Africa (BUSA).
  • Linkages to funding opportunities
  • Through the Empowerment Session – provide opportunities in various sectors.
  • Assistance with business plan drafting and profiling.

for corporate women

  • Mentorship and coaching – (see testimonies)
  • Link to further study opportunities and relevant short course
  • Restructuring of CV’s and coaching for job Interviews – (see testimonies)
  • Opportunity to serve in other structures and committees like BUSA

for big corporates

  • Access to database of Women owned Enterprises to meet your BEE scorecards
  • Training and reviewing your BEE Codes compliance
  • Access to a platform to communicate opportunities in your organisation – through presentation in our Empowerment Sessions, BWOSA website and other social networks
  • Share career and other opportunities

other services we can offer

  • Registration - for accessibility
  • Opportunities – tenders, DTI, SEDA,